Testimonials from our clients

Louise Moneypenny

Head of Recruitment, Talent & Training - Byron

“Working with Louise is great. I first met Louise during my time at Nando’s and requested to continue working with her at Byron. Louise is extremely professional and has great judgement in the candidates she puts forward. I am always confident when I get a candidate through from Louise and she has found us some fantastic managers for high volume restaurants. I really enjoy working with her and the candidates she puts forward always speak highly of their experience with Louise. I would highly recommend Louise if you need recruitment support.”

Rebecca Cavaliero

Recruitment Manager - Nando’s

“Lou joined the agency list for Nando’s around 2 years ago and is still our number 1 agency. Lou understands what we look for in great managers and really goes above and beyond to find us great people. Not only does she recruit for us but she is also a person that our MD’s (Area Managers) trust and respect which makes my job very easy as I know everyone she puts forward to us is right for Nando’s. I would highly recommend working with Lou, her work ethic is incredibly high and she also works with integrity which is hard to find these days with most agencies.”

Liz Wickenden

HR Officer - Grosvenor House Apartments, Jumeirah Living

"I have used Louise when recruiting for various roles and I always find her a real pleasure to deal with. She is personable, precise, detailed and professional. I like the fact she really listens to my requirements and takes on board the real needs of the role in question. She likes to understand the concept of the company and the people you employ which shows she is really focusing on trying to place the right people!"

Katy Love

Head of Human Resources - Tortilla Mexican Grill

“I have worked with Louise for over 6 months now, and in that time she has always been helpful, constructive and professional. We are pleased to have her represent us to candidates and she always gives a great first impression. The quality of her candidates is second to none – we are always excited to meet people she puts forward.”

Nicolas Gaillot

Director of Operations - La Bottega

“Louise has placed key managers for me over the past year, and her knowledge of the hospitality sector is superb which means she can identify suitable candidates very quickly. I have no hesitation in recommending Louise for recruitment because she makes the process so easy, receiving quality over quantity.”

Marguerite Mosafi

Training & Recruitment Manager - Benito’s Hat

“The testimony to Louise is that every person she puts in front of me is someone I would put in front of my boss. She gets it right every time. She understands the company, the people and the ways we work. She is not pushy but ensures that we see the people that need to be seen. Fraiche are fantastic offering a personal and efficient approach to recruitment.”

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Testimonials from our candidates


Assistant Manager

“Louise was fantastic in helping find the next step in my career. She goes beyond any recruiter I had met, as well as adding that personal touch. Even after I had been hired she took the time to congratulate me and checked how I was getting on with my new company. Sometimes its about who you know, not what you know, and Lou is definitely someone you need to know as you make the next step in your career. I would highly recommend Lou to anyone who is looking for a new job – she is the best out there!”


Recruitment Coordinator

“Louise has been extremely instrumental in helping me find the next step in my career! Her ability to build interpersonal relationships allows her to really pinpoint exactly what company would be suitable for you, and she goes the extra mile in ensuring you have her full support every step of the way. She spends time really grasping what companies are looking for and makes good judgments on whether you would fit in to the culture of the company. With her support I have the utmost confidence of my next career move, and will be recommending her services to anyone and everyone I know who are looking for their next move!”


Assistant Manager

“First of all I would like to thank Lou for helping me get the job I have been looking for, from her first call to find out what kind of person I am and what experience I had, to what kind of job options would suit me, down to the finer points of the recruitment process she has been amazing! The tips and interview advice Lou gave me were invaluable, I also have to say that her process of recruitment definitely has a much more caring, connected and personal touch. Lou was there every step of the way and always offered advice. She definitely instilled a confidence in myself especially when I needed it the most! Would I recommend her to others? Definitely without a doubt!! Again, thank you so much for what you have helped me achieve.”


Assistant Manager

“Louise was most helpful in assisting me with taking the next step in my career.  Her enthusiasm and friendly nature made the transition feel so smooth for me. She was as much as a friend as well and very professional and constantly at your disposal. She was very well informed and was more than happy to answer questions no matter how small or big. I would like to thank her for all her help in finding me a job that fits me perfectly.”


Bar Manager

“I received a call from Louise and she notified me of an open position which she thought would interest me. We organised to meet and I was positively surprised with her professionalism, she asked me a lot of relevant questions and answered all questions I had. She arranged an interview and prepared me for it, giving me many tips and was very friendly and helpful throughout the whole recruitment process. I can not thank her enough for the help she provided me with and would recommend her services to anyone who’s looking for the right career opportunity. You will not be disappointed!”


Assistant Manager

“Working with Louise was a great experience and I couldn’t recommend her enough! She was very engaged, attentive, supportive and empowering throughout the whole interview process and was always only a phone call away when I needed her.”


Assistant Manager

“From the minute I was contacted by Louise it was a joy to work with her, she is great in all aspects from her clear communication down to making things happen in the quickest way possible. Thanks to Louise I am now working full time for the company she put me foward for. If you want a great opportunity to get a job in a great company Louise is the person to make it happen.”


Assistant Manager

“Working with Louise has been a pleasure throughout, her high commercial acumen joined with her keen eye and ability to analyse personalities allows Louise to place candidates in firms not only based on experience and capabilities but also on ‘cultural fit’. Louise worked extensively with me, coaching me and probing to bring out and showcase all my strengths. Louise was meticulous in making sure that application process steps were dealt with promptly. (yup, she even worked on holiday). If ever I knew of someone looking for employment in the future, no other name would come to mind, except Fraiche Recruitment!”


Deputy General Manager

“Louise was a pleasure to work with from the first meeting. She listened to and understood what direction I wanted to take my career and spoke with me only about opportunities that would move me towards that goal with no pressure to proceed with any of them. She stayed in contact with me throughout the process giving advice where I needed it without being prescriptive. Very professional, I look forward to working with her again in the future when I’m ready for my next move.”


General Manager

“Louise has been outstanding from start to finish, well even past that as she has contacted me several times while IN my training to ensure that I am ok and doing well. After dealing with a lot of recruitment agency’s over the last couple of years I can say hand on heart that I did not feel pushed or harassed at any point by Louise, instead I felt like it was talking to a very knowledgeable friend that wanted the best outcome for me (we got there I the end) and all the above has been capped off by an outstanding brand that I work for awarding her Agency of the Year, you don’t get that from a people focused company if you don’t show the above behaviours, thanks Louise.”


Deputy General Manager

“Firstly I would like to say that Louise has been absolutely amazing with finding me, not only a new job, but a career with an amazing company. Louise helped and guided me, leaving me with no awkward surprises, she also gave me motivation and constructive feed back through each of the interviews I had, giving me the best opportunity to succeed. I have to say, if anyone is ever lucky enough to have Fraiche Recruitment, especially the professionalism of Louise, on the case of finding their dream job, use their knowledge and expertise to your advantage, I did and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks again to Lou and the team at Fraiche Recruitment.”


Assistant Manager

“Just when I was ready to give up the job hunt after months of searching, to no avail, Louise from Fraiche Recruitment quite literally saved the day! From the offset Louise was warm, welcoming and sympathetic to my situation. With continuous contact, advice and tips I secured myself an interview and finally…a new job! The individual support I received was, by far, the best I had been treated by a recruitment agency. Ever the professional, I could not have got my new job without her expertise and guidance and I would thoroughly recommend Fraiche Recruitment (especially Louise) to anyone looking for their next step in the hospitality sector. A BIG thank you!”


Assistant Manager

“I have found Lou to be the most sincere and caring person out of the many I had dealt with during my job hunting. Many agencies make you feel like a number, and that you have to prove your worth to be with a chance of getting through their recruitment process. But Lou at Fraiche helped me see the difference between proving yourself to potential employers and highlighting your ability – the difference being massive on the confidence scale. From her first phone call, I immediately knew she was different to other recruiters – she spoke to me like a person! After many generic fishing calls from other agencies Lou was the first one who showed the optimism I had nearly lost in my job hunting, and whether she meant to or not – reminded me that finding a new job shouldn’t be nerve-wracking, it should be an exciting time and transition to bigger and better things. Any questions I had, she either already knew the answer or knew who to speak to to find out for me. I am so grateful for all her help and support, her little tips and humour, which all helped me find a management position in a job which I love.”


Deputy General Manager

“From the first consultation, I found Louise friendly, genuine, and passionate about her job. Most importantly she was willing to listen to what I was looking for, and wanted to help me find my perfect job, rather than fit me into any old role.  As the weeks went on, Louise’s dedication to our search never wavered; offering constant support and encouragement she always went the extra mile. In what turned out to be a very lengthy process I felt as though I had a friend on my side, and was constantly reassured by regular updates on my potential role.  I would wholeheartedly recommend both Louise and Fraiche Recruitment to anybody. I am currently working in exactly the position I had hoped for, and they have played a crucial role in helping me get there.”


General Manager

“I had the great pleasure of meeting with Lou last year and using her expertise in the field to help me. Lou is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the companies she recruits for, great at putting people at ease and very personable. I look forward to keeping in contact with Lou.”


Assistant Manager

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Lou over the past six weeks, from first contacting me Lou has been there whenever I had any questions. Lou offered amazing support and guidance throughout the whole process, from our first meeting to final stage. Her knowledge of all the proceedings has been outstanding which helped no end in me finally obtaining the job I desired. I would happily recommend Lou to anyone, as i know she will be committed to helping and supporting them through as she was with me. Thank you once again for all your help and support.”


Assistant Manager

“I would highly recommend Louise when looking into future job opportunities. Her approachable and enthusiastic personality shone though in working with her and I felt motivated after each meeting/phone call. It was a pleasure to spend time with Lou and even to keep in contact now.”


Assistant Manager

“Lou was amazing at providing me with some fantastic and varied options when I asked her for some help, but nothing that would be unreachable for me. She stays in contact to this day and is fantastic and trustworthy in her field. You will see great results working with Lou!”


Assistant Manager

“Lou was absolutely amazing and was with me every step of the way. She dropped me a e-mail/txt or a phone call every now and then to see how I was getting on with my new job, and if I was having any problems.  I am really grateful because now I am in a job I really enjoy going to, and also class Lou as a good friend, many thanks!”


Assistant Manager

“Louise has been a great recruiter that I am not ready to forget. She shines by her passion, personality and professionalism. Great communicator, she is also overflowing with enthusiasm which motivates you to surpass yourself. Louise’s energy and unrelenting pursuit of what she is seeking separate her from any other recruiters I’ve used. I will always call her first when I have a hiring need.”


Assistant Manager

“Louise has been, without any doubt, the most valuable recruiter I found in my career. Since the first time we met, I found her advice extremely helpful and honest, and that is what I value the most. During all the steps of the process, her expertise and support encouraged me to follow my passion and take the right choices for my career. Thanks to her now I am happily employed in a position that I really enjoy! I will happily recommend her without reservations, thanks Louise!”


Assistant Manager

“Louise has been a fantastic support to me in my search for employment. I was at a point in my career when it was extremely important for me to choose my next move wisely and I found her to be honest and understanding where other agents were not. I felt that she believed in me from the offset and without her encouragement I would not have gotten such a fantastically flattering job offer. While I didn’t feel that the job was for me, the whole experience boosted my confidence and made it possible for me to hold out for the right offer. She is totally professional, dedicated and communicative and excelled my expectations at every stage of the process. She will always be my first port of call if I am looking for work again.”


Assistant Manager

“Louise was the recruiter dealing with my application for my recently secured job. We arranged to meet up to discuss how she could help me with a position. Louise knew exactly which path would be best for me after just one phone call and had all the relevant information to help me get the right job. She always kept me informed of how far we were and let me know of anything I could do to prepare. Today I am happily employed within a large branded company as an Assistant Manager and loving my job! Many thanks to Louise for the best experience I have ever had! I wouldn’t think of using any other recruitment agency other than Fraiche Recruitment!”


Assistant Manager

“I would like to recommend Louise as a professional, honest and skilled consultant. During the time that I was searching for a job, she has been a superior communicator who with her accurate advice, I have soon received an offer from my favorite company. She is factually proper for what she is doing, and I will for sure propose her to everyone who is looking for not only an expert recruiter, but also who is looking for a trustworthy consultant.”


Assistant Manager

“Louise was an incredibly knowledgeable, approachable and supporting recruitment consultant during my search for a suitable job. She demonstrated fantastic knowledge of the companies she was recruiting for and took care to match me to suitable vacancies, at all times coaching me and ensuring I was comfortable with the companies she was introducing me to.”


Assistant Manager

“In my opinion Louise went above and beyond what I had expected out of a recruiter. With her help this whole experience from start to finish was smooth and efficient. Even after I had been hired, she took the time to congratulate me. This extra effort made me appreciate the lengths Louise will go to make people comfortable, satisfied and most importantly employed!”


Deputy General Manager

“Louise called me on a Tuesday morning and we met that afternoon, very warm and easy to talk to with alot of excitement about working not only “for” you but “with” you. She was in constant contact with me during the process and kept me well informed of any conversations or progression with my CV, within a few days, I was hired. Louise is truly an awesome person that breaks the level of “uncomfortable first meets” to meeting a friend that’s there to help and really has faith that you will succeed. I can’t thank Louise and the Fraiche Recruitment Company enough for making this process a fantastic and professional one.”


Assistant Manager

“Once in touch with Lou she was with me every step of the way, she was full of encouragement and support and always available. I found her extrememly helpful and she was able to tell me everything that was to happen with my recruitment process, which helped me feel as ease as I knew what to expect. I would recommend Louise to anyone looking for a job as she is easy to talk to and is there for you. Thank you Lou, without you I would still be unhappy in a job I didnt like! Now thanks to you im learning new things and enjoying it.”


General Manager

“As my recruiter Louise looked after me and made sure that I was prepared for the interviews all the way through, she made time for me and gave me knowledge, I think that this is why I’ve succeeded, and got a job offer. Louise builds confidence in her candidates and I think that that is very important.”

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